Years later I still consider him a very dear friend

My family has both bought and sold real estate through Kenny and his team and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Because buying and selling a home was a daunting and rather arduous task when I bought my first home, I was terrified! It was an entirely different experience when we worked with Kenny. Though I went into the process with the same fear and horror that I brought with me from previous experiences, the journey with Kenny was a breeze. He explained the entire process at a high level before we began in a way that was easy to understand, let me know what I needed to do and when and the only steps I had to take were ones that he and his team couldn’t do for me. In my latest transaction we had a bit of an unpredictable, ornery buyer and what everyone else told me would be an impossible transaction. I was selling my Los Angeles property from out of state. Kenny worked out all the kinks, got me the very best deal and even arranged to pack up my things which I would have trusted to no one else. I could not recommend Kenny any more highly and years later I still consider him a very dear friend.