Skills and Dedication

I cannot recommend Kenny Bellini highly enough for his skills and dedication as a realtor. My family has primarily used Kenny’s services to find tenants for our various rental properties. While rental contracts, unlike real estate sales, obviously do not result in significant commissions for the agent at the end of the process (particularly where the renters are also represented by an agent), Kenny is always happy to assist us, gives us his full attention, and always impresses me with how hard he works to show the properties, network with other realtors, list the properties on sites designed to get the most attention, and put in as much time as it takes to find the right tenants for the right properties. As we have found the hard way, trying to lease properties on our own without the help of someone like Kenny is incredibly time consuming, frequently frustrating, and far too involved for us to do alone, but is still a process that requires a personal touch (rather than just going through a rental service) to get the best outcome. Kenny has an extensive knowledge of the West Los Angeles real estate market, is always friendly and professional (even if potential renters/other agents are not), is always available to respond to questions or concerns, personally handles showings and negotiations, is a great judge of people/character and works extremely hard to make sure that any potential tenants will be a good fit with us. Since we self-manage our properties and have put a lot of time, money and effort into keeping them nice, having Kenny working on our behalf to find the best tenants has been invaluable. To date, all of the tenants Kenny has found have been amazingly nice, respectful, financially stable people that we are happy to have as tenants and I cannot imagine trying to go through this process without Kenny’s help. We are planning to have Kenny help us rent another property soon and if I were involved in any real estate transaction I would not hesitate to call him or recommend him to anyone needing the services of a great realtor.