[Episode 19]

“If you’re not taking climate risk into your investment strategy, you’re really missing out.”

Ben Stapleton is an LA native who brings a creative mind and consultative approach to a wide range of projects with a focus on building teams and designing programs to deliver impactful results. As Executive Director for the U.S. Green Building Council – Los Angeles,  his current work is based on coordinating an ecosystem leveraging the built environment as the entry point and connective fabric to help create a more sustainable society for all.

  • I noticed you have a real estate license and have worked with real estate investors.  Assuming it was commercial real estate, but can you briefly tell me about that experience: i.e., what were your roles?
  • Do you have any ideas or suggestions to mitigate some hurdles so that more developers would use green materials because those flippers and developers are the ones that creating a lot of homes in our city, and if we can incentivize them to build green, we will have a great impact. 
  • On the personal note, I understand you just moved into a new home.  What are the measures you’re implementing in your home to make it more green?