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Nick Brown has over 20 years experience in building materials and a passion for green building acquired from his time in the field observing how homes are built. He holds an Economics degree from Princeton and a Michigan MBA, and is certified to perform energy modeling for California Title 24 compliance.  Nick and his wife, Holland, who is also passionate about living sustainably, purchased a home in 2013 in Long Beach for them and two growing daughters and renovated it to be a truly “green” home that they call, “Net Zero Nest”. 

Nick and Holland had 2700-sq/ft 4 bedroom house where they started their family in Long Beach.  After taking green building classes at Cal State Long Beach, they realized things in their house wasn’t quite efficient or healthy.  They took on to find a home that they can turn into a green home.  They were determined to demonstrate that you could actually create an efficient, high performing home cost effectively. 

He shares the resources and approaches they utilized to accomplish their goal such as finding an architect and contractor; how the contractors were actually learning the process of building green including the cost of this project.  Also Nick discusses what he would do differently if he were to do this over again. 

Find more about Nick’s house at:  NetZeroNest.com

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